TAD Activity Highlights & Upcoming Events

【Resume Writing and Interviewing Skill Lectures】
Our annual Resume Writing and Interviewing Skill Lectures are about to begin!
Though a bit late this year, we are working hard to arrange 3 to 5 lectures that are expected to take place around January to March 2021.
Please follow our social media to get the latest detailed information.
Notification letters will also be sent later on. Please register and join us!

【One-on-One Employment Meetings】
Every year, TAD Program will cooperate with contact Taiwan to hold job interview events which are also only for foreigners in Taiwan.
We provide job opportunities for you to find your dream jobs.
Have you joined the event this year?
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【The Inaugural Meeting of Taiwan Foreign Alumni Network】
The Taiwan Foreign Alumni Network (TWN-FAN) is to be formally established!
We will be hosting the inaugural banquet with the TFAN on Jan 5th (Tuesday).
Notification letters will be sent soon.
Please stay tuned and make sure you sign up for the events!

Written by Charlie Lin from SIT Database
Translated by Oscar Lee