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TAD X The Canaan Project - Experience Sharing Session of Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students in Taiwan

This summer, Taiwan Alumni Database (TAD) visited overseas Chinese and foreign students in 9 campuses across Taiwan with The Canaan Project, inviting alumni to share their experience of working and entrepreneurship in Taiwan and introducing relevant laws and regulations.

Founded by Issac Yang, a Malaysian who has recently obtained a permanent residency in Taiwan, The Canaan Project is a job-hunting platform that encourages overseas Chinese and foreign alumni to stay in Taiwan for career development after graduation. Through his personal experience, Yang inspired the students in the sharing session and prompted them to stride out eagerly and fearlessly.

In the future, TAD will hold more sharing sessions of foreigners’ working experience in Taiwan, as well as workshops related to job interviews.
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Activity Highlights:
Taipei Session:
Taichung Session: https://www.facebook.com/SITDatabase/posts/737910987020860?__tn__=-R
The South Session: https://www.facebook.com/SITDatabase/posts/739860160159276?__tn__=-R

Inaugural Meeting of “Alumni Association of Expatriates Staying in Taiwan”

The inaugural meeting of “Alumni Association of Expatriates Staying in Taiwan” is expected to be held by the Study in Taiwan Database Program in October this year. Alumni from all walks of life and overseas Chinese and foreign students will be invited to participate. The event is tentatively scheduled for October 25th, while the location remains undecided. If you want to know more, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. A notification letter will be sent to you for further details and registration. Stay tuned!