Minister Pan Meets Delegation Led by Belize Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber

On October 7, 2019, Minister of Education Mr. Pan Wen-Chung met with a delegation from Belize that included Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Education Mr. Patrick Faber and other Belize officials to discuss and exchange views on the educational collaboration between Taiwan and Belize.

Deputy Prime Minister Faber visited Taiwan on October 7-11 to celebrate National Day together with Mr. Jose Manuel Heredia Jr., the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Belize, and Mr. Roosevelt Alexander Blades, the Minister of Transport and Disaster Relief of Belize, as well as to further strengthen the bilateral exchange and cooperation between the two sides.
Minister Pan extended a warm welcome to Belize’s delegation and praised both the 30 years of profound diplomatic relationship between the two nations and their close collaboration on education and youth exchange. Currently, there are 234 Belizean students studying in Taiwan, all of which—both degree students and Chinese-learning students—are performing very well. Mr. Wani Jamaal Morgan, a master’s student at the Kun Shan University of Science and Technology, is an outstanding example. Mr. Morgan received the gold medal of the Hiwin Mechanical Engineering Master’s Award in March, representing the first foreign student to ever receive such accomplishment in the 15 years since the establishment of the award. Taiwanese youths are also traveling to Belize as part of an exchange. One such example is the Belize Information Education Group of National Tsinghua University, which has been stationed in Belize as a volunteer corps for the past nine years. Students who participate in the education group are responsible for all their expenses and additionally collect donations to assist local education.

Deputy Prime Minister Faber responded that the kindness of the volunteers from National Tsinghua University are welcomed and appreciated by the parents and teachers in Belize. Furthermore, the Belizean government plans to invite the volunteers to Belize to receive government commendation for their efforts. Faber further stated that Taiwan can be described as a model for the development of modern democracy: a country that has successfully transformed itself from an agricultural country to a country with established high-tech industries. At the same time, the nation has not spared any effort in aiding the development of its diplomatic allies. Faber also expressed that perhaps due to his long-term career as a minister of education, he believes that the educational exchange between the two countries has been the most beneficial to Belize, while further expressing his gratitude towards the assistance such as scholarships and youth volunteer service corps provided by the Taiwanese government. Deputy Prime Minister Faber additionally mentioned that although Belize has limited resources, it also offers short-term scholarships to assist Taiwanese students traveling to Belize to learn English and acquaint them with local Belizean customs.

After learning that Belize is pushing its digital education platform for e-books, Minister Pan provided information on Taiwan’s adaptive learning platforms and expressed his willingness to share their successful experiences in enhancing student learning outcomes. Pan also welcomes more Belizean students to come to Taiwan for an exchange in professional fields of studies, to expand their horizons, and to further deepen the solid friendship between the two nations.

Source: Ministry of Education