• No.011 E-NEWS


    Minister of Education Pan Wen-Chung and Representative Catherine Nettleton, from the British Office Taipei, signed a Letter of Intent at a ceremony on October 21, to further English language education related cooperation between Taiwan and the United Kingdom in support of Taiwan's ambition to become a bilingual nation.

  • No.010 E-NEWS


    National Taiwan University (NTU) jumped three places to reach the number 66 position in the latest world university rankings released on Wednesday by a British education network.

  • No.009 E-NEWS


    MoE is organizing an alumni association to build a platform for those alumni who had studied and is currently staying in Taiwan to share the experience and information. If you have studied in Taiwan (including language courses and short-term exchanges), the alumni association welcomes you to join and meet more friends from all over the world!

  • No.008 E-NEWS


    The Ministry of Education (MoE) held three seminars in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung from November 27th to December 3rd, aiming to assist foreign students during the search for employment after their graduation and to retain international talents in Taiwan. The seminars attracted about 200 students from 50 different universities.

  • No.007 E-NEWS


    The orientation and welcome party were held at the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation Building on October 28, 2019. In addition to receiving information about scholarship regulations and studying life in Taiwan, participants also had the chance to become acquainted with Taiwanese culture and customs by tasting traditional Taiwanese cuisines and enjoying cultural art performances.

  • No.006 E-NEWS


    The Ministry of Education and the French Office in Taipei held their annual educational cooperation meeting in Taipei on June 4. The two parties exchanged views on a wide range of topics, including cooperation in higher education, compulsory education and exchanges of language teachers of Mandarin Chinese and of French.

  • No.005 E-NEWS


    The Ministry of Education and the French Office in Taipei held their annual educational cooperation meeting in Taipei on June 4. The two parties exchanged views on a wide range of topics, including cooperation in higher education, compulsory education and exchanges of language teachers of Mandarin Chinese and of French.

  • No.004 E-NEWS


    Providing high quality services is critically important to ensuring that overseas students can focus fully on their study and research, as well as enjoying their time in Taiwan. For this reason the Ministry of Education set up NISA,

  • No.003 E-NEWS


    The afternoon of October 26 saw the 2018 Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Welcome Party attended by over 770 scholarship-winning students from 72 countries. Vice President Chen Chien-jen gave the opening address. He warmly welcomed the students and pointed out that Taiwan is a friendly nation that advocates the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights.

  • No.002 E-NEWS


    The Ministry of Education sets up the Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Guidelines to connect and carry forward the international friendly relations. This is to commend the outstanding performance of the foreigners who have studied in Taiwan, and maintain and promote the close interaction between those international talents and Taiwan.

  • No.001 E-NEWS


    The New Southbound Policy Educational Exchanges Exhibition.The Vice President Commends the New Southbound Talent Development Program for Nurturing New Vitality


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